Idomoo Closes $9M To Develop On-The-Fly Personalised Video Platform For Brands

Back in 2010 SundaySky raised $9 million in a Series B to develop its technology capable of extracting content from any website and molding it into videos created on-the-fly. This enables consumer brands to engage people with personalized, real-time video. It’s clearly a hot area. Now another Tel-Aviv company is emerging with a competing product. Idomoo has now closed a $9 million funding round led by New York based Marker LLC. The startup provides a platform to create – you guessed it – personalised videos.

Companies can use the platform to generate massive numbers of personalized videos quickly. It’s being used by TIM Cellular in Brazil, Portugal Telecom and Generali, the global insurance company – serving tens of millions of videos in 16 different languages.

Idomoo President and co-founder Yaron Kalish says the investment will be used to accelerate its plans to expand its international operations: “As soon as companies allow Personalized Video to demonstrate a rapid return they start to enjoy the additional benefits of delivering a moment of “Wow” every time they talk to their customers.”