Who The NSA Follows, On Twitter

It’s not a surprise that our phone calls are being tracked by the U.S. government. It’s not a surprise that our Facebook and Google and PalTalk accounts might be as well. What is a surprise is that the only legit-seeming NSA Twitter account I can find (this one is poetically a squatter) only follows seven accounts.

INI Carnegie Mellon ‏ @inicmu
Mashable SocialMedia ‏@mashsocialmedia
Mashable Mobile ‏ @mashablemobile
Mashable Tech ‏ @mashabletech
SWE ‏ @SWEtalk
Michigan Engineering ‏ @UMengineering
Pgh. Tech Council ‏ @pghtech

Betrayed by all its M*shable reading, perhaps the NSA did not include Twitter in its PRISM program because the NSA does not know how to use Twitter?

Disclosure: TechCrunch parent company Aol has been accused of being part of PRISM and allowing the NSA to directly access and collect data from its servers. If this is the case (only Aol and PalTalk have not denied being a part of the program in some way), can someone from the NSA please complete Josh Constine’s SBC training?