Meet SpinMe, The iOS Alarm For People Who Suck At Waking Up

I’m not sure I can aptly explain just how absolutely terrible I am at getting up in the morning.


No. I don’t just hate getting out of bed. It’s more like I was genetically engineered to be part of a superhuman army of soldiers that are REALLY GOOD at waking up, but they screwed up and got my shit all backwards.

I’ve got high hopes that this app can help.

SpinMe is an alarm clock for people like me. People who know they need to get up, who want to get up, but whose semi-conscious brains have other plans. Plans that involve saying “Nah, just ten more minutes of sleep” at least 50 times.

As the app’s name implies, SpinMe makes you spin.

As in, it makes you get out of bed (the hardest part of waking up), hold your phone flat, and spin in place. If you don’t get up and spin, it doesn’t stop going off.

It’s better to start your day slightly dizzy than it is to start it 45 minutes late, right?
SpinMe Home
The app’s developer, Abdulla Al Shurafa, went out of his way to make the app tough to fool — which is great, because Sleepy Greg is a clever, clever bastard.

If Sleepy Greg just throws the phone up in the air to make it spin around a few times?

Won’t work. You’ve gotta keep two thumbs on the screen at all times. If one of your fingers slips off, the spinning countdown starts all over.

And if Sleepy Greg just waves his arms in circles above his head?

Nope. You’ve got to keep the phone flat, or the counter resets again. Unless you’re Mister Fantastic or have taken waaaaay too many yoga classes, your arms just won’t bend like that.

And if Sleepy Greg brings up the iOS task switcher and kills the app?

Push notifications backed by a guitar melody that’s just aggravating enough to get you out of bed will be fired off in rapid succession until you reopen it.While there are a few tricks that SpinMe can’t work around because of restrictions in iOS, they’ve got most of the obvious bases covered.

One bummer: the current build of SpinMe doesn’t come with any default alarm tones (beyond the one used solely for push notifications when the app is closed) and instead relies on your iPhone’s music library, so you’ll need to bring at least one tune of your own.

SpinMe is available for iOS now for 99 cents