iPad Video Ad Volumes Explode 10x in A Year, Due To Surpass PC Usage Inside 2 Years

If there’s one thing we know about the explosion in the use of tablets like the iPad, it’s that people have been increasingly using them to consume video content. However, hard data on this has come in only dribs and drabs. Now a video platform that works with major publishers has released data that shows just how big tablet consumption of video is.

Videoplaza has looked at the data emerging from Karbon, its sell-side ad management platform, which is used to monetise video across PCs, mobile devices, tablets, game consoles, IPTV and Smart TVs. They’ve released exclusive information to TechCrunch which shows a big growth in iPad video monetization: with 150 percent growth of iPad traffic in the last six months.

The company claims to be able to reach around 10 percent of the Internet’s population with its platform every month, hitting more than 300M uniques, delivering ads on over 50 platforms, consisting of over 7,000 devices. It claims to have the largest reach of premium video inventory in EU and Asia outside of Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers.

It has found that iPad traffic accounts for 10 percent of all the traffic across its video ads platform, having grown by over 10x in the last 12 months. Overall, non-PC traffic is around 30 percent of all the ads delivered, meaning that iPad use comprises a third of all its non-PC traffic. And finally, iPhone traffic is stable at around 5 percent of total ads.

The growth in iPad traffic has been tracked across clients in 25 markets in Europe and Asia and touches over 50 device environments, through native SDKs, its Brightcove integrations and others.

Crucially, Videoplaza found mobile phone growth stabilises as access to tablets increases.

This is not a huge surprise. Apple recently reported reported a rise of 65 percent in iPad sales from 11.8 million units a year ago, compared to 19.5 million units in Q1 2013. Industry analysts IDC say 49.2 million tablets were shipped in Q1 of 2013, a 142 percent increase on sales in the same period last year.

It looks like the great user experience on tablets is helping, not to mention features such as AirPlay which can send video to Apple TV.

So if the tablet is the new PC, it’s also turning into the new TV, complementing or replacing the existing big screen.

Videoplaza isn’t the only company in this space. Video advertising company FreeWheel has raised $16.8 million in funding.