Science-Backed Ecommerce Recommendation Startup Uncovet Raises $1.3M

Uncovet, a startup that wants to be the recommendation engine for indie designer clothing and accessories, has raised $1.3 million from Javelin Venture Partners, Siemer Ventures, and L.A. angel investor Paige Craig.

A graduate of Science, Uncovet is an accessories and home décor site that is building a style graph to personalize product recommendations. With more than 500,000 monthly visitors, the startup uses Facebook Connect to allow users to invite friends to the site and can also take a user’s Facebook Likes into account when recommending products.

The result is a personalized and curated group of products that act as a style graph. The company, which launched last year, also features “Daily Finds” and will be launching its first native iPhone app early June (half of the startup’s daily visits already come from mobile device. Android and iPad apps will be released later this year.

Uncovet shoppers visit the site more than six times per month and will open an Uncovet email nine times per month. Uncovet delivers a more engaging experience by targeting specific consumer segments with products that resonate with their specific tastes. Uncovet is a next-generation version of Urban Outfitters; filled with unique items from independent designers, targeting a young, trend-conscious audience, and leveraging a new world of social data to fuel growth and loyalty,” says Michael Jones, CEO of Science.