Facebook Quietly Expands Home’s Circle Of Supported Devices, HTC One & Samsung Galaxy S4 Owners Can Now Opt To Be Skinned

Facebook Home‘s circle of supported devices has just got a little wider. The Android launcher which Facebook unboxed with much fanfare back in April was only initially available for download to four devices — namely: the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II, along with being preloaded on a new device: the HTC First — but that select club now has a couple of new members, according to Android Central.

The blog reports that Facebook Home support has been quietly added for HTC’s flagship HTC One device, and also unofficially for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4.

Yesterday Facebook reported that Home is nearing the one million downloads mark. Crucially the company is not breaking out active users, though, so there’s no solid data on how much people care for Zuckerberg’s mobile takeover. Judging by Google Play reviews, the answer appears to be not a whole lot right now. Home has had just over 16,000 reviews on Google Play, and is currently languishing with a two-star rating. The downloads trajectory (below, right) also looks to be tailing off, judging by Play’s data — which may be partly down to the limited circle of devices with support for Home.

By gradually increasing the amount of supported devices, Facebook may be hoping to keep Home downloads trucking along at a steady pace — rather than having one big spike at launch, followed by a big fall off after everyone who wants to download Home has Home. Facebook Home downloads

As well as silently adding Home supported for the HTC One, and unofficially also the Galaxy S4 — Android Central notes that its own S4 device now shows an option to use Home — the blog says the same is also true for the Sony Xperia ZL, and speculates that other devices might also have been Home enabled.

Facebook originally listed the HTC One and Galaxy S4 as officially supported by Facebook Home at launch but ‘not yet available’.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for confirmation of the Home support expansion and will update this story with any response. Update: Facebook confirmed Home is now available on the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.