Microsoft To Fold Yammer Sales Team Into Office 365, Identity Surfaces As A Core Focus

Microsoft today announced that it will fold about 100 sales people from Yammer into the Office 365 team this summer. Microsoft also is making a point to focus on identity management and other issues as part of its road to full integration.

The news follows the road map that Microsoft set at its SharePoint Conference last November. In March, Microsoft detailed the transition and how Yammer will co-exist with Office 365 and Sharepoint.

It makes sense that identity is one of the core focus areas for Microsoft. It’s going to be critical to have universal identity in order for these systems to talk to each other and for IT to control access and permissions.

Identity is emerging as a core theme coming from Microsoft. Last month, the company announced the support of Active Directory in Windows Azure. Customers may also use their Microsoft account to log in to Windows Azure.

In the meantime, companies like Box are firing shots across Microsoft’s bow. Today the company bought Crocodoc, an HTML5 service for embedding docs. It’s a clear sign of the aggressive moves that are sure to come as the enterprise social networking space becomes increasingly competitive.