Google Makes Its Customizable Apps Admin Console Available To All Customers

Today, Google announced the eventual rollout of a brand new look for its Admin Console, an area that only admins of Google Apps will see. The aim of the redesign is to help admins get to information quicker, manage user accounts easier and keep their companies running as smoothly as possible. The company boasts that “millions” of businesses, schools and government agencies are using Google Apps, so making sure that the Admin Console is as easy to use as possible is key to getting buy-in.

According to the Admin Console FAQ, this new look has been available for new users as of April 17, but this announcement signals the invitation to all customers.

Some of the things being introduced in the Admin Console, which rolls out in a few weeks, include a universal search bar, new usage and activity stats at a glance, some bulk user actions and a customizable dashboard. The dashboard will let admins drag-and-drop the areas of Apps that they use the most, making it easier to do things like add new users or help employees out with password issues:


Additionally, and while this might seem minor to most of us, the Admin Console now lives at an easier to remember URL, That’s one of those tweaks that makes you wonder why it took so long.

Here’s a demo of what’s new in the Admin Console:

[Photo credit: Flickr]