Here’s What The Large Hadron Collider Looks Like Through Google Glass

If Google is worried about Google Glass being too nerdy, they probably wouldn’t be sending people rockin’ the Glass into the heart of the most gloriously nerdy thing in the world, the Large Hadron Collider.

Fortunately, Google doesn’t seem to care (nor should they) if their amazing little experiment gets a few knocks along the way. As a result, we get videos like this one.

In a just released “Explorer Story” video, Google sends physics teacher/aspiring astronaut/really cool guy Andrew Vanden Heuvel some 500 feet below Switzerland for a Glass-ified tour of the world’s biggest particle accelerator.

As if a bit of first-person footie of the LHC wouldn’t be enough, Andrew got to pipe-in his brother’s physics class through a Google Hangout, allowing students a few thousand miles away to join in on the adventure.

Andrew dives a bit deeper into his experiences with Google Glass in a blog post here. While he mostly focuses on his personal experiences during the trip, he grazes an important topic: “It’s not about the technology, but what you can do with it.”

Look. I’ve used Google Glass. Quite a bit, actually. Would I pay $1500 for it? Probably not. But do I think that Google is doing something worthwhile here? Absolutely.

The criticisms that keep popping up as of late — that it’s a waste of Google’s time, that it’s too nerdy/dorky/whatever — are a depressing affront to a group that’s actually trying to do something new. We demand innovation, then mock an attempt at something novel… even when that attempt has been clearly labeled as an experiment since day one. Blyeck.

Hell, this is probably a post of its own worth writing. Lets just watch the video and enjoy our Friday.