MasterFX Photo App Claims To Make You A Michelangelo Not An Instagram Sheep

Photo and video apps have rocketed up the app store charts driven by apps like Instagram and Vine, becoming the third largest category in iOS downloads. Most contain casual photo filters and simple editing tools. In contrast with this trend, others are feeding the desire for photo editing with more sophisticated apps. The latest entrant to this market is MasterFX which launches today for iPad and iPhone, offering the kinds of tools professional designers might recognise, without the user needing to learn complicated techniques. It also incorporates a gallery of a few million royalty free photos. Handy.

MasterFX is made by the Dropico Mobile studio in Israel which has attracted $2.3 million in angel funding.

It comes with over 1,500 photo elements, effects, characters, backgrounds, brushes, and an advanced text editor, and an automatic light balancing function. It also comes with 32 in-app paid-for packages and a gallery of a few million royalty free photos for $0.05 per photo. It includes heavy duty editing features you might find in Photoshop such as: distort, layers manager, opacity control, mask and brushes as “easy single step tools” they claim.

Sagi Hirsh, Co-founder says they plan to extend the app as they go.

Dropico has also produced other photo apps including FilterMania, WowFX and InstaFonts, among others and claim over 10 million downloads.