Mowbly Offers A Mobile Platform With A Single-App Approach

Mowbly, which recently launched and is here at Disrupt NY, takes a counter approach to mobile development platform environments.

Instead of a steady stream of apps, Mowbly uses a single-app approach that it offers through its mobile platform as a service (PaaS), said Co-Founder Vignesh Swaminathan. Mowbly offers third-party app support. But it only processes the data by calling the third party app’s API. Mowbly delivers the data but not the user experience of the app.

At its core is an aggregator that filters data for the customer, employee or partner and presents it through the app. The service has a cross-platform capability, a mobile server for building, managing and deploying apps and a mobile user interface framework. It can be used across multiple mobile platforms and requires no special mobile development skills. It allows IT departments to deploy the apps using browser-based tools rather than hire developers.

The platform is designed to manage multiple identities. IT can use it to provide a finance person with data from the enterprise resource planning suite or a corporate partner with updated information about a channel program. Mowbly is offered as an on-premise software and as a SaaS.

Mowbly is one of a new generation of mobile platform providers that is offering a backend for quick app deployment. It is designed to reduce the costs and the time required to build out native apps. It also helps keep larger companies in compliance with IT policy.

Automating mobile app development is happening. Mowbly represents that. The question is whether the control is too much and if the service just adds more apps in addition to the ones people use every day.