EdReach Teams Up With PBS And Stitcher As It Looks To Become The Go-To Online Broadcast Network For Education

The steady rise of tuition rates, class sizes and student debt combined with the decline in the number of teaching assistants, courses and programs has pushed education into the spotlight over the past year. Many schools have begun to turn to technology for answers, and higher ed institutions are now moving online at a breakneck pace to meet changing student behavior.

While this resurgence of education technology can be a boon for our beleaguered education system, the implementation of new technologies can come with high costs. Thus, as schools begin moving into uncharted territory, they need guidance. EdReach launched in 2012 to help shine a light on the changes in education and help schools find the tools they need to make the transition.

Through podcasts, articles and commentary, EdReach aims to provide a platform through which entrepreneurs can discuss innovations in education, while giving teachers, schools and everyone else a place to go for news and criticism on the most pressing topics of the day.

The broadcasting network’s daily programming has been downloaded by more than 40,000 teachers since launch, and today the company is looking to expand that reach with two new partnerships. EdReach has partnered with Stitcher, a startup that my colleague Josh Constine recently called the Pandora of talk radio, to help bring increased distribution and exposure to its educational programming.

Stitcher offers over 15,000 podcasts on-demand across a range of subjects, which can be streamed directly to mobile devices. With its new partnership, EdReach will become one of Stitcher’s main sources of educational content and news, allowing teachers to tune into its podcasts while making their morning drive.

This follows on the heels of its partnership with PBS NewsHour and Student Reporting Labs, which brought the company’s content to EdReach under a new channel and saw them team up to form a new social reporting movement via Whatisyoureduwin.com. Combined, says EdReach founder Daniel Rezac, the partnership aims to create a portal for news and success stories, allowing anyone to report on in innovation in education.

But the real goal of both EdReach and this partnership, the founder continued, is to re-brand education in the media. Both EdReach and EdSurge want to help bring the spotlight to trends in education and help teachers, students and schools make sense of the flurry of new EdTech products and tools. A valuable mission to be sure.

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