Gilt Chairman Kevin Ryan And 10gen Founder Dwight Merriman Could Launch 1 or 2 New Startups By September

Kevin Ryan, appearing onstage at Disrupt NY with longtime investment partner Dwight Merriman, said it is possible they may launch one or two new startups by September through AlleyCorp, the umbrella company for the network of companies they have started.

Ryan was broad and general, citing financial services, healthcare and e-commerce as possible areas of investment. He said he has three groups working on what is next. A factor is that he has more time to invest as he recently stepped down as CEO at Gilt, and the transition is winding down with Michelle Peluso who replaced him as CEO. Ryan remains the company’s chairman of the board.

Merriman and Ryan have one of the most recognized track records for launching and building out successful startups. Gilt is the popular flash-sale shopping site. And 10gen has fast evolved as one of the most successful new database companies. Merriman is one of the original authors of MongoDB, the open-source document database.