The MTM ‘Rad’ Watch Can Be Helpful In Fallout-Like Situations

Whether you’re fighting mutant cyborg dogs in a hellish, post-apocalyptic wasteland or, more likely, dealing with potentially radioactive substances on a daily basis, the MTM ‘Rad’ watch may be the wrist droid you’re looking for.

MTM makes so-called ‘Special Ops’ watches which are bold, large, and usually made of coated steel or titanium. However, every once in a while they come out with something unique. This new timepiece costs $1,500 and includes a built-in radiation detector that can sense rate and dose of radiation as well as warn you when you’ve gone over a preset boundary.

The counters are completely self-contained and surprisingly small. The battery should last two years and, although this thing looks big, it’s actually quite light and watch writer Paul Hubbard wore it in a 5K race and on a plane where he got a reading of “3.7 micro sieverts/hour.” You can also transmit readings to a computer via an IR transfer system that is built into the watch.

Who is this for? Hubbard writes:

Let’s cut to the chase. If you work in a radiation area, buy this watch. If you’re wondering about dosages where you live, buy this watch. While bulky, it effectively doubles as safety equipment and there’s no external clues to observers of what it does. I was wondering what the TSA would think of passengers wearing Geiger counters, but the only clue is a recessed grey trefoil on the dial, and no one yet has sussed it out.

In short, if you’re in need of a Geiger counter (and, let’s face it, in these Mad Maxian times I think we all are) this may be just the wrist-mounted Pip-Boy for you.