Biz Stone Introduces His Jelly Co-Founder And CTO, Fluther’s Ben Finkel

As we reported a few weeks ago, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is up to something new, and it’s called Jelly. Not much is known about it other than it’s a mobile-focused project. Stone shared a little bit more about the project today, introducing Ben Finkel as his co-founder.

The two have something in common, time spent at Twitter, as Finkel was a co-founder of Fluther, a social Q&A site that the company acquired in 2010.

Finkel will also serve as CTO of Jelly, according to the post by Stone:

Fluther was aquired by Twitter after I stepped away from my day-to-day role at the company so we didn’t get a chance to work together on the tweets, so to speak. Ben managed New User Experience on the Growth Team at Twitter, helping grow an active user base from fifty million to more than two hundred million people.

Ben will serve as Jelly’s CTO, focusing on shipping fantastic products, attracting world class engineers, and in general, running a tight technical ship. We’re putting together a core “dream team” at the moment. Next, we’ll be heads-down on developing Jelly—the idea that we couldn’t get out of our heads.

tumblr_inline_mkhgiwlic81qz4rgp (1)Whatever Jelly is, Stone is definitely stacking up the talent over there. It sounds like a service for doing some good in the world, as suggested in early April. Since Stone calls Jelly an idea that the two “couldn’t get out of our heads,” it sounds like it has promise.

Many have been waiting to see what Stone would do next, with his Twitter co-founders having settled into their “next big things” quite nicely. Of course, Jack Dorsey is the CEO of payment processing service Square and Ev Williams is leading efforts in the same role at next-gen publishing platform Medium. Stone’s project has the spotlight on it, if only to see if it reaches the levels that the others have.