How Mobile Personal Assistant Donna Simplifies Your Life By Combining Design And Data

I’ve already told you about Donna, the new mobile personal assistant app from Incredible Labs. But if you haven’t actually had a chance to play with the app yourself, it’s difficult to explain how it’s different from the growing list of smart calendar and assistant apps now on the market.

The good news is I got a chance to sit down with Incredible Labs CEO Kevin Cheng, who gave us a demo of Donna. The goal is to provide users with help before they even know that they need it. It’s a novel concept, and Donna actually pulls it off pretty well.

“Our approach is about bringing the information to you, as opposed to having you find the information,” Cheng said. “The purpose of an assistant is to make it so you have to worry less. We don’t feel like there’s a lack of information in our lives, there’s a lack of filters. What Donna does is bring you that information when you need it.”

Wanna know how? Check out the video above to see how Donna works to simplify your life and get you where you need to be.