SMB Inventory Management Startup TradeGecko Partners With Xero Accounting

Cloud-based inventory and sales management developer TradeGecko has announced that it is now integrated with online accounting system Xero. The Singapore-based company says that the partnership will allow its clientele of small- and medium-sized businesses to monitor financial transactions in real time.

The integration links invoice, stock and customer data automatically, and allows businesses to save time by eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk for errors between separate IT systems.

“Xero inventory management has been one of our most requested features, and anyone whose run a growing business will understand why,” said TradeGecko CEO Cameron Priest. “Linking TradeGecko and Xero makes staying in control effortless and means our customers can grow without needing to increase headcount in the back office.”

Based in Singapore, TradeGecko launched in September and was founded by former clothing designer Carl Thompson. Its cloud-based inventory and sales management system was developed to emphasize user experience with intuitive data displays. The company’s investors include WaveMaker Labs, Golden Gate Ventures, and the Singapore National Research Foundation.

Xero’s partner program gives developers access to its API and connects them to Xero’s 150,000 customers, as well as the company’s network of accounting and bookkeeping partners.

“Any small business can run their accounts on Xero, but to get real value, we want to allow our customers to connect all their other applications: CRM, e-commerce, stock, job management etc. If it touches finances or your customer and supplier data, then we want to help developers integrate it,” said Xero Developer Partner Program manager Ronan Quirke.

TradeGecko will continue to integrate with other cloud services this year to allow businesses to connect their back-end systems and automate their administration process.