Google Makes Mobile Search Faster, Adds Expandable Sitelinks And Experimental Quick View Cards For Wikipedia Articles

Today, Google has introduced a few new features for when you’re searching on the go. The ability to find the information that you want on the fly is something that is required for mobile searching and the company continues to tweak its result pages to help you get to the details that you need to make decisions or perform another search or task.

All of these tweaks are speeding up mobile search 30 percent over the last 12 months, the company says. With Quick links and Quick view, that 30 percent might increase.

An example of the new features, starting with “Quick links,” you’ll find “In Theaters” underneath a search result for say, Rotten Tomatoes, when you’re looking for movie reviews. The links expand and then give you the information that you need right away. From those quick views, you can then find a list of movies in a theater near you. By taking out a few extra steps of tapping, Google wants to send you on your way happy and satisfied.

rotten tomatoes new

Along with those Quick links, Google is experimenting with something it calls “Quick view” which shows a badge that links to a bit of information pulled directly from Wikipedia. In this example, a Google search can be used as a “cheat sheet” for things like a list of poker hands:


Once you tap on the Quick view, you’ll see an overlay of info like this:


Google says that this is an experimental project, which makes mobile sites come up in around 100 milliseconds, and is only available for Wikipedia results when you search in English on More sites are coming soon, and the company is working with webmasters on bringing more sites in. They can sign up here for details.

As more users start playing around with Google Now, Google’s mobile “Siri,” people are going to expect their search results to get smarter and more in tune to what they’re really thinking. Over the years, Google has focused on bringing people answers to their questions, as that’s how most people perform search queries. With these new features, someone could be asking “What do people think about Jurassic Park 3D,” and when the result is coupled with a quick link to purchase tickets, a great review serves as an advertisement.