Boston Marathon Explosion Injures Over 100. Live Updates

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Two explosions rocked the Boston Marathon, causing widespread injuries. The earliest reports and images began flowing in from social media. According to a Boston Globe tweet, “dozens of people have been seriously injured”. Below are first-hand reports and images as they come in, including live social media updates from official sources. WARNING: content is graphic.

–Update (3:20 PT) – A large google spreadsheet of citizens offering places to stay and wi-fi to reconnect with loved ones is big and getting bigger

–Some of the images are quite graphic. See one of the injuries here.

–Here’s video of the explosion

–(update 4:01 PM PT) President Obama addresses the nation

–Google has set up a link to a person finder

–A reddit community had been compiling live updates, but incoming traffic has aparently overwhelmed reddit (it is now back up)

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 1.28.37 PM

–Twitter CEO Dick Costolo retweeted this timely link to Red Cross of Eastern MA. Find loved ones, let people know your safe, and contribute to victims

— (update 4:10 PM PT) Airbnb is offering housing to stranded people in Boston

–Two very important hotlines:

–In all of the chaos, brave citizens risked their safety to help one another. Wherever there is evil in the world, there is also good:

–Reuters has a good live news feed

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