Enterprise Cloud Data Management Startup ParElastic Raises $5.7M From General Catalyst And Others

ParElastic, a startup in the cloud data management space, is announcing $5.7 million in funding led by General Catalyst with CommonAngels, Point Judith Capital and Launch Capital, as well as angel investor Jit Saxena (founders of Netazza Software) participating. This brings the startup’s total funding to $8.7 million.

The company develops a scale-out technology for scaling SQL databases for cloud data and applications. As CEO and co-founder Kenneth Rugg explains, enterprises that move into the cloud have to scale out these databases across Amazon EC2. But one of the challenges in this is that these databases do not distribute across these systems well, and it’s a challenge for many developers.

As Rugg explains the simplicity behind ParElastic is based on the premise that database architecture should be flexible, scalable and cost-effective without sacrificing one workload for the optimization of another.

How does ParElastic accomplish this simplicity? Multiple relational database servers operate as one and appear to an application as a single database server, supporting workloads that exceed the capabilities of a single database server, while only provisioning, consuming, and paying for the resources needed at any given instant.

Larry Bohn, managing director of General Catalyst, will be joining ParElastic’s board. As he explains, the relational database industry is a $30 billion market, and ParElastic is in prime position to disrupt this industry with both its talent and product.