DoorJamz Is A Doorbell With Custom Tones You Can Control With Your Smartphone

I have two problems with doorbells. First, they sound incredibly annoying. Secondly, there isn’t an easy way to turn them off.

DoorJamz provides a solution for both of these problems. It’s still a doorbell, but instead of the consistently infuriating “ding-dong”, you can choose to have it play whatever you like. If can have Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir play whenever your guests or the Jehovah Witnesses announce their presence. That’s pretty cool.

The DoorJamz is controlled from an app on your smartphone. Once a particular song or sound file is uploaded unto the app, it wirelessly transmits your new doortone to the DoorJamz.

From the app, you can also schedule to have certain doortones ring on certain days. For example, on Halloween you can set your DoorJamz to play a howling wolf, a cackling witch, or maybe an audio recording of you screaming “I DON’T HAVE CANDY” followed by a long string of curses whenever those trick or treaters come to call.

But the best feature, and one parents everywhere will appreciate, is that you can lower the DoorJamz’s volume whenever you want. So if your baby is napping during the day, you can basically mute the DoorJamz until they wake up. It’s insane that the doorbells we have now can’t do this.

A DoorJamz can be had for a $99 contribution at their IndieGogo page. They’re trying to raise $90,000 by May 1st.