Indiegogo Suffers DDOS Aimed At YourAnonymousNews Campaign

When there is no central authority, who has the authority to sell t-shirts? That question came to a head over the past few days when YourAnonNews announced it planned to create something like a newswire for Anonymous news.

The project, called YAN, is described thus:

Over the past two years Your Anon News (YAN) has been many things to many people and has continuously evolved under the guidance of numerous contributors. Since our humble beginnings as a new account we have always resisted being held to the constraints placed upon mainstream media outlets, but were limited to the tools available to us via Twitter and Tumblr. Those of us contributing to YAN have always desired to expand our capabilities and to report, not just aggregate, the news.

A noble cause, to be sure. The result, however, is that Indiegogo was hit by a DDOS attack of unclear origin. Indiegogo had few details to share, but it’s interesting to see how quickly, we assume, Anonymous pulled a solid Ouroboros and began to eat itself.

Indiegogo founder Slava Rubin apologized for the outage and wrote: “Any campaigns scheduled to conclude this week will have the option of extending until Sunday by contacting our 24×7 Customer Happiness team.”

YAN’s mission here is a little odd – they want to break us free from mainstream media through video and reporting, etc. and they think they only need $2,000 to do so – and their perks, including T-shirts and mugs, seem to be a bit more like the things you’d get from the local public radio station than a nefarious organization purporting to shake the crown of power, but them’s the breaks.

As of right now Indiegogo seems to be working fine but the team there is working hard to bolster the servers against future attacks.