Funny Or Die’s Steve Jobs Movie Trailer Looks To Strike A Perfect Balance Of All Hype, No Substance

Steve Jobs was a rare CEO in that he inspired myths and legends not just among employees, but also among the general public. An executive whose name is recognizable to people not involved in his industry is a rarity, and believe it or not, Funny or Die’s upcoming iSteve biopic may be the movie that best captures his exaggerated, cartoonish public reputation.

Funny or Die has released a first teaser trailer for the film, which spans between 60 and 75 minutes and yet was shot in just five days, and the first look is basically a montage of every cliché, buzzword and melodramatic (and possibly fictional) turning point in the life of Steve Jobs and the history of Apple. It almost looks like the famous Reality Distortion Field made into a movie, which in many ways might be more appropriate than a belabored, intense, wordy drama like the one we’ll get from Sorkin, or the equally mythical by less fun take from the team behind the Kutcher iJobs flick.

The iSteve movie debuts April 15, and already enters the record books as the longest film project ever produced by Funny or Die. Based on this trailer, it looks like the script, which took three days to write, has a lot going for it, but it’s hard to lampoon something consistently for over an hour, so I’ll reserve judgement until I can finally see how well they’ve actually pulled it off.