Percolate Partners With Getty Images And Aviary To Help Companies Create And Share Images

Percolate, a startup that helps clients create and share content, is taking a big step in what co-founder James Gross calls the company’s “visual strategy.”

Obviously, images are a big part of what businesses want to share on social media. While they could do that by sharing through Percolate already, the service didn’t include many significant features to make the process easier. That’s changing today, with the launch of integrations with Getty Images and Aviary.

Thanks to the Getty Images partnership, Percolate customers now have access to a broader library of photos, a library where they don’t have to worry about whether or not they have the rights to use the images (because they already know the answer is yes).

And that library is automatically sorted using Percolate’s technology, which tries to understand what topics are relevant to a company at a given time, and highlights photos based on those topics. Gross said the goal is to make the process as easy as possible, but if the algorithm doesn’t surface the image you’re looking for, you can also search the photos based on things like tags.

percolate images

Once a client has found a photo that they want to share — either from the Getty Images library or from the images they’ve uploaded themselves — they can use Aviary’s photo-editing tools from directly within Percolate. Gross edited a couple of images for me, adding filters and text in just a minute or two, giving the photos a bit more flair as well as adding a relevant company or hashtag.

“Brands are trying to make photos look more and more organic, more and more like people are used to,” Gross said. “Adding any sort of filter can have a very powerful effect on what might be a very standard photo.”

In exchange for the simplicity of the interface, Percolate users are giving up some of the features included in a product like Photoshop, but Gross said, “They don’t need all the tools of Photoshop with 95 to 100 percent of these images.”

The Getty Images photo library and Aviary editing tools are now available to Percolate clients as part of the basic package. The company is also announcing that it has partnered with LinkedIn, so its clients can now share content on that network, as well.