What Does A Ghost Smell Like? Google Nose.

Google is shutting down YouTube? Good riddance! There hasn’t been a video worth watching since Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract anyway.

With the announcement of their newest totally real project, Google is making it clear that they know where the future of online entertainment really is: smells. Meet Google Nose.

With Google Nose, you’ll be able to stop and smell the roses without having to stop a damned thing.

So, how can you take part in on Google’s new olfactory odyssey? It’s easy! You don’t even have to tweet at Google in hopes that you’ll win the opportunity to give them a pile of money for the appropriate hardware. You’ve already got the appropriate hardware! Just Google for your scent of choice (be it a wet dog, a cracklin’ campfire, or the gym), tap the “smell” button, and sniff away. Google will “intersect photons with infrasound waves” to emulate the requested aroma. That, my friends, is science.

If it doesn’t work right away, just lean closer and keep on sniffin’ — like many a Google product that came before it, this one is in Beta, so it might not work every time. (And, like many a Google product that came before it, they’ll probably kill it off in about 2 weeks)

[I’m pretty sure we’ll have a running list of April Fool’s gags tomorrow (it is tradition, after all), but this one is hittin’ early enough and got a hearty enough laugh out of me that it’s worthy of its own post.

Plus, it had me contemplating what the hell a ghost would smell like for at least 5 minutes.]