Manufacturers Ramping Up For June 2013 iPhone 5S Launch

A confidential presentation that describes a Shenzhen-based manufacturer’s 2013 product plans points to a few interesting bits of information about the iPhone 5S launch in June 2013 and Foxconn’s role as manufacturer of record for Apple products.

The presentation catalog, which details new cases and chargers for iPhone devices as well as Qi-enabled wireless chargers and dongles for the iPhone 5, points to a firm June 2013 launch of what they are calling the iPhone 5S. Leaks like this are obviously par for the course when it comes to Shenzhen manufacturers – they usually follow the same rumors we do – but this manufacturer has an interesting inside track to Foxconn, promising “synchronization” with the Apple release in June.

The company also boasts complete Apple certification and is working with Foxconn directly to launch product immediately upon the launch of the new devices. This sort of leak – a launch date, direct contact to a certified manufacturer, and mention of direct cooperation with Foxconn – is fairly unique in the world of Apple news.

This information could be a bit of careless boasting but it does suggest a certain level of certainty in the market and reinforces rumors of a June iPhone 5S release. It also suggests a certain lack of fear in manufacturers as they approach a new, post-Steve Jobs Apple. Whether the information is accurate is impossible to tell – yet. However, it is some of the most convincing data we’ve seen relating to new Apple launches.