Jack Dorsey Fights Robots In His Own Unauthorized Comic Book

He might not be bulletproof, but simultaneously running Twitter and Square qualifies Jack Dorsey as a superhero. This week a new unauthorized comic book about him was released, called “Jack Dorsey: Co-Founder of Twitter #1”. Check out these page scans posted by Comic Book Resources that preview his quest to recover stolen quantum networking technology.

In the first issue from BlueWater Productions now available on Kindle, Dorsey hunts for the kidnapped inventor of the futuristic computer chip that could power “the Internet’s next evolution.” Along the way are plenty of cheesy, dumbed-down references to how Twitter and Square are changing the world.

There are also some subtle references to Jack’s quirky personality, like his preference for taking the bus, plus a goofy scene where he mind-melds with a bison. Oh, and he battles a robot spider.

Dorsey isn’t the only tech superstar immortalized in a graphic novel. BlueWater has also made comic books about Steve JobsMark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Google co-founders Larry and Sergey. It all might seem ridiculous, but who would you rather have kids looking up to? Fictional caped crusaders? Or real inventors and entrepreneurs?

Images via Comic Book Resources.



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