Developers Can Now Target Facebook Mobile App Ads To Wi-Fi Users And To Specific OS Versions

Facebook just announced some improvements to the mobile app install ads that it launched last fall, allowing app developers to target their ads with more nuance.

These ads run in Facebook’s news feed, and when clicked on, they open the download page in the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplace. The company says that by using these ads, Poshmark has seen a 3x increase in ROI compared to “other advertising channels” and its user acquisition cost on Facebook has gone down 30 percent.

The new targeting capabilities allow ads to be delivered specifically to users on Wi-Fi — that may be the most desirable audience, since they’re likely to have the bandwidth and time to download new apps. As Facebook notes in its blog post, this could be “a particularly good fit for apps that require significant data usage.”

Developers can now target based on operating system as well — not just iOS vs. Android (which was possible before), but also, say, iOS 6 specifically. Again, that could be important for some developers who have built features that use the full capabilities of certain systems.

Finally, Facebook also says developers can now build and launch mobile app install campaigns from its ad creation tool, a process that’s supposed to only take minutes.