ImageBrief, A Crowdsourcing System For Stock Photos, Closes $700,000 Round

ImageBrief, a request-based stock photo marketplace that aims to give Getty a run for its money, has raised a $700,000 round from Square Peg’s Paul Bassat and Justin Liberman as well as other Australian investors. The company, originally based down under, has thus far raised $2.2 million.

Imagebrief uses a real-language search and request system to find or commission photos. Users can request pictures (“A goat riding a motorcycle” or “a woman dressed in traditional Ewok battle gear”) and photographers can respond with photos they believe match the request. Photographers can also take and submit new photos if they don’t have anything in their library.

Most photography sites current offer basic keyword searches which are problematic. For example, one user may label something as a “video game system” when photo buyers are actually looking for an NES.

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ImageBrief was founded in Australia in 2011 but moved its commercial headquarters to New York towards the end of last year. The Company announced that in this most recent investment round, just over $700,000 had been raised from some of Australia’s most highly regarded internet entrepreneurs and investors including Square Peg’s Paul Bassat and Justin Liberman (who were already backers of the Company), Adrian MacKenzie and Anthony Klok. Total investment capital raised to date is now over $2.2 million.

The company launched in February 2013 and offered a Pinterest-like experience that many stock photo services are missing. Users can also follow photographers they like. The company has already sourced photos to Conde Nast, DDB, and BBDO.