Google Makes Animated Gifs A Permanent Part Of Image Search, Find Falling Cats Easier

There are few people on the Internet who don’t enjoy a great animated gif. For some, having conversations only using these animated images is a way of life. But finding these images is a whole other issue. Relying on Tumblr blogs and regular Google search just wasn’t enough, so Google has decided to make it easier to find these cat-falling-off-of-chair masterpieces using its image search product.

Google is rolling out the animated gif search filter now, and you’ll be able to click “Search tools” and then “Animated” under type to filter your search with animated goodness only. You’ll be able to drill down further by finding images with transparent backgrounds only. Animated gifs are serious, serious business after all.

Here’s a look at what you can expect whilst looking for that perfect animated image using Google image search:


In all seriousness, finding an animated gif using Google has been a pain in the ass. Usually, I’d search for a string like “cat falling gif,” which means that the results might or might not be animated. No more of that.

Click on the image you want to check out and you’ll see it in its animated glory in a preview:


Thank you, Google.