BackupAgent In The Netherlands Gets $2M From Moscow’s Runa Capital To Go Global

BackupAgent, provider of cloud backup technology from The Netherlands, has won a $2 million investment round led by Runa Capital in Moscow to strengthen its global footprint and develop its platform. Previous investor Solid Ventures also participated in the financing.

BackupAgent’s cloud backup software is designed for service providers, hosting providers and telcos that want to offer a backup service to their SME customers. The software is platform-agnostic and can handle large laptop/desktop environments as well as server farms with file and database servers and virtual environments. They also target service providers, hosting companies and telcos, but SMEs are the main focus.

The platform is currently deployed at more than 400 service providers, hosting companies and telcos, such as KPN in The Netherlands or Portugal Telecom, with 35,000 end-users globally.