Note-Taking Service Google Keep Briefly Appears Before Disappearing Again

Note-taking app Google Keep briefly went live earlier today at before disappearing, but not before Android Police spotted it and took screenshots. A Google spokesman said the company has no comment.

As Android Police notes, Google Keep resembles Google Notebook, which allowed users to clip and organize information from the Web but was discontinued back in January 2009, and Evernote (which was quick to extend a welcome to former Google Notebook users). This isn’t the first time that Google Keep has been spotted, either. Last July, Google accidentally included a screenshot in an official Google+ post that included “save to Google Keep” label.

If Google Keep does indeed officially go live later, it will compete with other note-taking services like Evernote, Pocket, and Onenote. Other apps that might potentially join Google’s (Reader-less) roster include Google Play News and the introduction of Google Now to the company’s Chrome browser.


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