Apple Adds Built-In VESA Mount Adapter Option To iMacs For $40

Apple quietly updated its iMac options to include versions with a built-in VESA mount adapter today (via AppleInsider), available on both 21.5-inch and 27-inch models for a $40 additional fee. The option will come as a relief to users who were saddened by the lack of any VESA-mounting option on the new iMac design.

The VESA Mount variety of iMac is a separate line from the standard version, so buyers will have to choose at the outset whether they want VESA or stand-mounted all-in-one computers. The VESA mount version includes just the iMac itself, with stand and wall mount hardware sold separately, along with the power cord, wireless keyboard and wireless Magic Mouse included with the standard versions of the iMac.

2013-imac-vesa-gallery3To get the VESA Mount iMacs, you have to hunt a bit: there’s a link under the standard configuration options in the iMac section of the store. As mentioned, they carry a $40 premium over their non-VESA counterparts, but offer the same customization and upgrade options. Shipping estimates currently stand at 7-10 days for the new variety of iMacs.

When I reviewed Apple’s newest iMac, which features a dramatically thinner design, the lack of a VESA mounting option was the one thing that I regretted Apple getting rid of in the newer models. Apple said in earlier communications with a customer that it was taking customer feedback “into consideration” for customers who were disappointed about the lack of any kind of VESA mounting option, and it looks like the company was good to its word.

Apple offers buyers of the new Macs the option to buy one of two desktop mounting solutions available direct from the Apple Store at check out. Both are from Bretford, and one carries an additional mount arm that allows you to place a MacBook or mount a second display/iMac on the same stand. The mounting hardware built-in to the iMacs will work with any third-party mounts, of course.

Apple has actually improved things for those seeking a VESA mount versus previous generations, since it now offers the smaller 21.5-inch model in a VESA-compatible configuration, which it hadn’t before. True, it’d be nice if you still had the built-in stand option, too, but I’m sure third-parties will design accessories for those looking for a stand option pretty quickly.