Ahead Of SXSW, Highlight Adds New Photo Features And A Map View To See People And Places Nearby

Just a few weeks ago, social-local-mobile app Highlight announced a big new update that would add photos and events — just in time for SXSW! Well, now we have another just-in-time update of Highlight version 1.5, which is adding more photo features and other stuff to help people find out what’s happening around them.

One of the big new features of the app, which is available today for iOS users, is the addition of photo filters, so that users can get that Instagram-like feel without having to leave the app. Photos can also be posted from a user’s camera roll, meaning that they don’t have to be shot in-app to be shared with other users.

The app will also allow users the ability to save photos that they’ve shared or that have been shared at events that they’ve attended. While the introduction of Highlight version 1.5 a few weeks ago meant that users could now see and contribute to collections of photos from the events that they attend or the places they’ve been, there wasn’t any good way to download them and save them for later. Now Highlight users will be able to save photos to their camera roll, whether they are photos they’ve contributed or those uploaded by others. They’ll also be able to share them on Twitter and Facebook, you know, so you can brag about that awesome PlayStation party that you are going to in Austin this week.

Also key to the SXSW experience is being overwhelmed with everything and everyone around you. Well no worries! The update has a new map view that will detail people and events nearby. Now users will be able to tap on people in the app to see where they are, or tap on events to find out what’s going on nearby. For those of us who plan on just showing up to things without RSVPing, it’s an awesome way to pretend you were invited to the whatever party happens to be nearby.

In addition to all that, there’s search functionality so you can find your friends. Always a good thing in Austin at SXSW. Whee. Anyway, for now, these new features are only available on the iPhone version of the app, but Highlight says an Android update is coming soon.