Why Simple Is Better Than Your Bank, Both Online And On Mobile Devices

Most banks are notoriously bad at online, and especially mobile, experiences. Some don’t have mobile apps at all, and those that do exist typically aren’t that good. That’s why the folks at Portland, Ore.-based startup Simple think they can make banking better, with new ways of keeping track of your money.

Simple isn’t actually a bank — it partners with FDIC-insured institutions to actually keep your money safe and secure — but it provides online and mobile tools to help users manage their funds. Among other things, Simple stores a ton of data about user transactions that most banks simply throw out. That provides robust search capabilities that most banks can’t match. It also has a goals feature that allows users to easily set aside money without having to think about it.

Last week, I spoke with Simple CEO and co-founder Josh Reich for TechCrunch TV, and he walked through all the cool tools that Simple offers online and on its iOS and Android apps. I’m already a user, and have been one for several months… But if you haven’t seen Simple yet, check out the video above for a demo of the service.