Flubit Wins London Web Summit For Its ‘Potential Over The Next 24 Months’

A lot of European startup competitions have avoided the ‘pitch on the main stage’ model of startup competition. Instead, to sort the wheat from the chaff, they often have a separate startup stage to the main conference stage, with only the final 4 or 5 to make it rhough a judging process to appear at the end. That’s the model used at the London Web Summit and today we saw those final four do their thing. They were joined in the final on-stage pitch in front of a top panel of judges. So after over 200 entries, assessed by 40 judges and over 27 live pitches on the startup stage at London Web Summit there can be only one winner. And that winner today was Flubit. The judges said: “It won because of the potential it has over the next 24 months and its championing of the consumer. It was the most interesting business.” Here’s a run-down of the startup in their own words, followed by the three other finalists and finally the other, many companies that pitched during the day.

Flubit We’re doing something impossible. A discount, on anything, at anytime. We create lower prices for users that don’t exist elsewhere; yet we keep the margins optimised and attractive for merchants. We’re a technology company, we scale on with our core modules. Our conversion rate is 30%, ten times higher than the eCommerce average. It’s strong because we’re not social, we focus on you alone. When you’re ready to buy, we create you a lower offer on the exact product you want, and it’s private. Send us the URL of the product you are about to buy, we’ll do the rest.

Trustev provides real time online identity verification using its proprietary social fingerprinting technology, to help combat online ecommerce fraud. With just a few lines of code, Trustev adds a new social verification layer at the front side of the checkout process that pre qualifies potential customers through analysing social data from a wide number of sources including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, while maintaining user privacy at all times.

Stuffle We’re adressing marketplaces. Over 40.000 flea markets with more than 2 million sellers per year in Germany. But there are 700 Million people in Europe alone and everybody wants something and has stuff to get rid of.

Grand Cru – Winner of the Amazon Web Services Global Start-Up Challenge in January 2013 – Listed as one of Europe’s 100 hottest start-ups by Wired Magazine August 2012. We are a game developer targeting the growing segment of iOS tablet gaming. Our first game The Supernauts will launch in Q2 2013 and is a sandbox world building game influenced by Minecraft with multi-player support. We are starting production of 2-3 new games in 2013. Grand Cru was founded in 2011 by 6 friends and former co-workers. We have raised a total of $2 million.

Kreditech We are the leading online BIG DATA scoring technology enabling faster,better, more sustainable credit decisions.  Google uses big data to predict what you are searching for. Facebook uses big data to predict what you are interested in. We use that same data and complex algorithms to predict how creditworthy customer are in real-time based on 8,000 data points. We operate B2C real-time microloan plattforms across the globe and build B2B real-time scoring models for online banks, online lenders and debt collectors.

SalesClic applies recent advances in data visualization, behavioral economics and predictive analytics to the sales pipeline. It measurably improves CRM data quality, helps sales reps and managers identify at-risk opportunities before it is too late, and increases sales forecast accuracy.

SalesClic recently received Salesforce’s 2012 Customer Choice Award in the Analytics category. In addition to Salesforce, SalesClic integrates with Google Apps and Highrise.

Kireego brings a new twist to Merchant-Customer relations by adding a networking & sharing dimension to mobile loyalty & promotional tools.  Merchants benefit from Kireego’s FREE online loyalty and promotional tools which include “selective merchant networking” features. Customers use Kireego’s mobile application which not only virtualizes reward and deal features, but adds a sharing dimension allowing them to swap loyalty points among themselves. Kireego leverages on the challenges—budget, time, and expertise constraints—faced by independent merchants, their desire to develop a mobile relationship with their customers, and the untapped potential of local merchant networking.

CouchCommerce is running a cloud based SaaS platform automatically and in just a few minutes converting online shops into web-apps for post PC devices like tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. These devices already represent more than 20% of all web users. Web-apps appear directly in the browser of the visitor without installation and can be used with natural gestures. The advantages for online shops are higher conversion rates, app feeling without installation, compatibility with all relevant smartphones and tablets, better ranking in mobile search results and low entry costs into the mobile commerce world. Revenue is generated via monthly subscriptions.

ZeeRabbit A new approach to Internet and mobile advertising that is set to disrupt the digital gaming and app landscape through gamification techniques and offering app and game users the ability to shop for lucrative brand offers with their in-app achievements-based currency adding value to both the app developers and retail brands.

NextStories encourages readers to jump from one article to the next on the web, across publications but while following contextually related materials. When you are on a web page and you want to read something similar, you simply click on a bookmarklet and are then presented with an automatically-generated Pinterest-like list of current articles on other related publications around the web. NextStories presents an attractive picture of the web as an open-ended, free-flowing continuous thematic newspaper. It’s a global service for everyone who read news with easy scaling and a business model with a huge potential.

Websites are full of useful data. Extracting that data is difficult. Your web browser doesn’t help. Today, people achieve extraction by writing code. Import*io make it simple – no code, extract in minutes, use immediately, and keep it fresh.

mCASH is a consumer app where the user can connect ANY electronic funding source and pay across ALL payment scenarios. We connect banks, merchants and consumers in a real-time, scalable and highly secure payment eco-system. Banks will earn more on transactions, merchants will reduce transaction costs and get customer insights, and the consumer will get ONE universal payment instrument. 

For car owners Autosprite provides the single point of service, which allows to book a time in a service center, to find and order accessories suitable for the car, to calculate and order insurance. Also the service provides all the necessary information about the car and its operation and notify car owners about upcoming maintenance and other important activities (notifications include deals, which Autosprite requests for its partners beforehand).

Hull Social mechanics are largely the same for any social app, yet developers build and debug them over and over again for every project. It’s a waste of time and effort. Hull solves this by providing full stack social platform as a service. We handle all the hosting, social mechanics, services integration and let you access them easily in your app using an open source client architecture based on the best standards. It’s like a WordPress for social apps.

ScreenHits is a unique online platform that changes the way that TV content is bought and sold globally. It provides a cost-effective sharing platform that allows TV content buyers to procure high-end, professional original programming online. The intelligent search engine, along with a combined formula aggregating numerous data points, employs a proprietary algorithm that provides a “hit rate” and allows buyers to optimize their purchasing decisions. It also eliminates unnecessary acquisition and T&E; costs associated with the procurement of content. This represents a significant source of value creation, which drives two of the company’s primary revenue streams: subscription and distribution fees.

Vivocha.com  – a sturtup with base in San Francisco, Milan, São Paulo- provides an Online Customer Interaction platform that enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers right on the website, using any combination of VoIP, chat, callbacks, Video and collaboration tools like assisted browsing, form & document sharing. 

Shopigram is a marketplace for products from local and independent stores. On Shopigram, every seller has been selected and you will not find big or international retailers. The shops are located in major european cities such as Brussels, Paris, London… On Shopigram, local stores are always open.

Sendmybag offers an affordable, reliable, international door to door luggage service. With airline baggage fees growing exponentially and hand luggage only flights on the horizon, Sendmybag puts the pleasure back into travel.

We save you money, let you to skip check-in, avoid waiting at the baggage carousels and no more trailing luggage, golf clubs or skis behind you on public transport, your bags will be at the hotel before you! 

Scurri For e-Commerce merchants shipping physical goods who have a need to integrate multiple couriers, Scurri is a delivery management software that reduces delivery related shopping cart abandonment and unlike our competition, the platform is cloud based making it fast and agile to deploy!

Lutebox has created Shoptalk, the easiest and fastest way to instantly share products with trusted friends while talking to them via walkie talkie style voice chats. The company is venture backed, and was a Seedcamp finalist, Accelerator Academy graduate, and Startup Games Winner.

Five Hundred Plus Do you phone your mother regularly? It’s called staying in touch. How many potential business connections or clients were once in your network but haven’t heard from you in ages? That’s called losing touch. Five Hundred Plus is a web application that helps you stay in touch with your most valuable connections and make sure you never lose touch. If you’re as close with your business network as you are with your mum, isn’t it likely you’ll close more deals?

Shopnfly is the first platform that enables global travelers to make informed shopping decisions by comparing an item’s price across duty free and local stores, around the world; highlighting the best deals to save money and time while traveling and shopping internationally ( we have been called the Airbnb of shopping).

Traveling is just the entry point, soon shopnfly will be your shopping gateway.

Lectrio is the next-generation online learning environment. It’s a new way to engage with students and efficiently share course materials. Educators around the world use Lectrio to increase classroom engagement. They are able to use the service free of charge while ed companies are taking advantage of Lectrio LMS-as-a-Service with cost-effective monthly subscription plans. Lectrio gives them their own cloud-based mobile-friendly E-Learning environment that is customisable to their own brand.