Preorders For The Gaming-Focused Razer Edge Tablet Start March 1st, Prices Start At $999

Surface Pro fanboys, Take notice. Your hot little tablet will soon be the runner-up in the ever-growing category of “incredibly expensive Windows 8 tablets aimed at a tiny, but rabid demographic”.

Razer just announced that the Edge and Edge Pro gaming tablet will ship in late March, with the startup accepting orders starting on March 1st.

All joking aside, the Razer Edge is pretty damn exciting. Born from the minds of Razer’s fans, the Edge is a hardcore gaming tablet — no tired Fruit Ninja demo here. With a dedicated GPU and either a Core i5 or Core i7 CPU, the Edge can power through nearly any PC game on the market.


What’s more, Razer designed modular accessories for the Edge. There’s a large gaming pad, keyboard, and dock, allowing the Edge to essentially morph into different products as needed.

I spent sometime with the Edge at CES 2013 and was instantly impressed. It ran Dirt 3 seemingly as good as my monster desktop. But, also like my gaming PC, the Edge is expensive.

The Core i5 Razer Edge costs $999 while the Core i7 Razer Edge Pro costs $1299. Plus, each one of the accessories are sold separately. Just the Gamepad Controller is $249. A fully decked-out Razer Edge Pro with Gamepad Controller rings up for $1,698. Ouch.

The Microsoft Surface Pro has so far won over some Windows loyalists. They like the full computing power combined with the svelte form factor. The Surface Pro, with its Core i5 CPU, can power through most daily tasks and even handle some games, but, quite frankly, the husky Razer Edge is fully capable of beating it up and stealing its lunch money.