Keen On… The Cloud: How Digital Technology Is Making Us More Human

The Pulitzer Prize winning technology journalist Matt Richtel is one of the New York Times’ crown jewels. But while Richtel works his Silicon Valley beat during the day, he has a much darker night-time profession. Richtel is also a fiction writer, the author of fantastically seductive techno-fictional novels such as Hooked and his latest book, The Cloud, released earlier this month.

In real life, Richtel is equally seductive – an impish guy who combines a tall wit with a highly sophisticated understanding of how technology, and particularly the Internet, is changing human beings. “I love telling stories,” he explains his passion for techno-fiction. And, as the illustrious New York Times journalist confessed to me, technology is making us more human by revealing what we really want (pornography over apple pie, he rightly points out). Matt Richtel is, of course, right. And I suspect that his novels, especially The Cloud, are far more profound explorations of technology’s impact on us than all the non-fictional books in Gladwell-land.