Mobile Commerce App PayDragon Launches A Redesign To Make One-Click Shopping Even Easier

Mobile commerce startup PayDragon wants to simplify the process of purchasing various grocery staples via your mobile phone. The company already has one-click purchasing and two-day shipping for products that can be ordered on its mobile apps. Now it’s redesigned its app to provide easier browsing of its inventory.

PayDragon has always been focused on making mobile commerce easy. Coming out of Y Combinator-backed QR code company PaperLinks, PayDragon launched last year to provide a way for customers to place orders at food trucks and other local food vendors. Then the company pivoted a bit last September, announcing a new Checkout app that would allow users to purchase regular household items and have them shipped to their homes with just one click.

paydragon 1PayDragon is making its Checkout functionality even easier with the latest relaunch of its app, which makes products searchable by category, as well as the most popular items and daily and weekly deals. The app still has individual item pages, which provides users with one-click purchasing. But whereas previous versions of the app were dependent on scanning QR and UPC bar codes or search to add items, the new version simplifies the process.

By redesigning the app around different popular product categories, users can more easily find the stuff that they want, even if they don’t have an object to scan or forget the name of the product. And it also has a few sections for deals, where customers can purchase discounted products. As was the case in earlier versions of its app, there’s no shopping cart or payment confirmation page — once a customer has entered billing and shipping information, items they choose will be automatically billed for and shipped once the purchase button is hit.

In addition to the new design, PayDragon has also improved its service on the back end. The company is now working with a fulfillment company to handle assembling items and shipping them to customers. While each purchase is billed individually, many users will purchase many items at once, or at least during the same day. PayDragon’s fulfillment center works to bundle items and ship them together. It also means that PayDragon gets better margins for its service.

PayDragon has raised $1.35 million in seed funding from Rustic Canyon Partners, SV Angel, Yuri Milner, and Mark Schwartz.