Google Finally Shows Off Google Glass UI, Announces #ifihadglass Purchase Campaign

Google is slowly pulling down Google Glass’ veil of secrecy. With each announcement, the company reveals a bit more of its secrets. This time around, the video above shows Google Glass’ UI in real world situations — you know, real world as in jumping from a plane and swinging on a trapeze. Forget about the wide-eyed concept videos; this is the real deal.

Get ready for even more Glasshole sightings, Google is ready to hand out Google Glass units to non-developer types. But you have to apply. And still pay the Glass Explorer Edition’s $1,500 price tag. But Google Glass!

Using the hashtag #ifihadglass, take to Twitter or Google + and with 50 words or less, explain how you would use Google Glass. Photos and videos can be included as well. The deadline is February 27, and Google didn’t state how many Glass units will be handed out through this program, but the competition will be fierce.

The UI shown in the video is radically more subdued than in the original concept video. Gone are the little circles and VH1 Pop-Up Video-ish notifications. Instead, users interact with Google Glass through a single pane in the top right. Everything from Google searches to notifications to hangouts seemingly happen in this one space — rather than dancing around the field of vision like in earlier Google Glass videos.

The world seen through Google’s omnipresent eye but where are the ads?

Google has yet to announce when general consumers will be able to buy Google Glass. But that’s smart.

Google is slowly rolling out units to die-hard fans that can likely help the development and deal with first-gen bugs. Frankly, at this point, Google Glass isn’t ready for mass consumption. It
will be released when it’s ready and until then, lowly consumers like most of us will have to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the future vicariously through YouTube demo videos.

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