Online Fitness Startup Wello Launches Group Workouts, Enabling 3-5 Users To Work Out Together

Last summer, online fitness provider Wello launched to provide personalized instruction to users via two-way video conferencing. The platform allows users to easily create time to exercise based on their own schedules, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Now, Wello users will be able to take group classes with trainers, allowing them to connect with friends, family, or other users who wish to participate in the same classes. Each group workout can have three-to-five participants, with class times and curriculum set by the trainers.

In addition to interaction with the trainer, group workout participants will be able to see and chat with other members of the group workout. People who sign up for group classes on Wello can then invite their friends to also join. That adds a new social element to the service which previously wasn’t available. Meanwhile, trainers can still provide feedback to users, as they can monitor each participant’s actions via video.

While motivation and being able to work out with those in other areas is nice, what’s even nicer is that Wello group workouts come at a discounted rate. They start at just $7.50 per session, compared to individual training sessions on Wello, which typically start at $19 each, and go up from there. The Wello group workout rate is also a significant discount over typical group classes at the local gym.

Wello was founded by Ann Scott Plante, who had previously worked for Bain & Company, and Leslie Silverglide, who had founded MixtGreens and sold to Nestle’s investment arm. The company raised $1 million in seed funding from Kleiner Perkins, Mohr Davidow, Aberdare Ventures, Mayo Ventures, Morado Ventures, S-Cubed Capital, PhilQuo Ventures, and other angels.