To Celebrate 75 Years Of March Madness, The NCAA Launches OnDemand YouTube Channel

It’s hard to believe that the annual NCAA’s men’s basketball tournament has been going on for 75 years now, but it has. In that time, the college sports organization has had a ton of memorable moments, many of which have been captured on video.

A few years ago, the organization rolled out its NCAA Vault from years and years of March Madness. Now it’s putting some of that footage to use, with the launch of a new YouTube channel, called NCAA OnDemand, which will be home to hundreds of the best clips from years of the tournament.

In addition to various clips from the NCAA, there’s also a bunch of playlists, including buzzer beaters, Final Four highlights, great upsets, and the best dunks, among other topics of interest. All clips and playlists have been tagged to make them easy to find and share with others.

That’s important, because the NCAA OnDemand YouTube channel is just one part of its plan to help fans celebrate the 75th anniversary. After allowing fans to watch those clips, the NCAA will ask them to determine the most memorable players, teams, and moments are most memorable, through an online poll. The idea is to use the YouTube experience as a funnel to help drive traffic to the more comprehensive NCAA video page.

Through a partnership with T3 Media, the NCAA manages more than 20,000 hours of video content. That includes more than 300 games in the NCAA Vault and thousands of individual moments that are searchable, thanks to around 2 million pieces of time-based metadata attached to its vast archive.

With the T3 platform, the NCAA can quickly select, clip, and upload video files to its new YouTube channel. When it does so, all the metadata associated with the clip finds its way over thanks to the easy workflow, the NCAA will add even more highlight content to the OnDemand platform, in addition to the 300 clips it has already made available.