VidCaster Integrates With Salesforce To Introduce Its Leadwall, A Paywall For Collecting Contact Information

Last summer, video platform provider VidCaster rolled out a paywall feature, letting its customers collect money for access to their videos. But its clients also asked for a way to request viewer contact information, and so VidCaster is now rolling out its new “Leadwall” feature.

Instead of having users pay for access to individual videos or pay monthly subscription fees for access to channels, VidCaster is offering the opportunity to provide their contact information instead. That contact information could then be used by a company’s sales or marketing department to try and convert users who were interested in those videos.

Collecting leads in exchange for content is nothing really new and is already used by webinar providers and other services. But the feature is new for most on-demand video viewers. For VidCaster, the new feature was introduced after a few of its clients requested the ability to request leads in exchange for access to videos.

Companies like Cloudwords and SafeNet are already using the feature to collect viewer contact info, but VidCaster is rolling out its Leadwall to other customers. Instead of offering it as an add-on, customers will have access to the feature as long as they’ve signed up for VidCaster’s Business Plan or higher service plans.

At launch, clients will be able to feed contact information into their Salesforce CRM, thanks to an integration that VidCaster worked on for that platform. Users need only add their Salesforce OID and choose which information they want to collect to get the feature up and running. While Salesforce is the first integration, VidCaster co-founder Kieran Farr says more are forthcoming. That will include additional CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and even other identity providers — such as Facebook or LinkedIn.