Rave ‘Reviews’ For North Korean Gulags On Google Maps


It’s no secret that the Internet has a hard time taking things seriously. “Best. Gulag. Ever.’, raved Google user, C. Quinn, about Yodok North Korean prison. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt probably expected his recent high-profile visit to the isolated dictatorship to have a more sobering impact on online discourse. But, after Google asked users to help identify important roads and landmarks for the newly mapped country, it should have expected that the Internet would act like, well, the Internet. We’ve collected the most, er, thoughtful, reviews below of North Korea’s prisons.


  • “Fearless Leader has taught me the error of my ways!” – Nick Webster, Excellent Review for Chongjin Gulag
  • “I have to say, this is one killer place! Very great if you want to loose weight, and not spend any money! Just ask previous visitors! Everything is free, including food and shelter. Best place to take your family!” – Sunny Wu, Excellent review for Yodok
  • “A hidden gem situated in the mountains of North Korea, you’ll be enthralled by the view, but don’t be tempted to spend all day reflecting on the natural beauty, as you will have so many activities to do during the day you won’t know where to start!…Enrolling is as simple as speaking your mind, and the breathtaking sights will put a bounce in your trudge, because at the Hwasong California, you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. So come say hi, and pack for a while because you can’t see it all in one day!” – Blair Skrupski, Excellent review, Hwasong Gulag

But, not everyone received 5-star treatment:

  • “Room service didn’t speak English.” – William Trevarrow, Poor to fair review for Chongjin Gulag/li>
  • “Strictly for the check-point enthusiasts. If cavity searches and getting close to angry people with guns isn’t your cup of tea avoid this attraction and continue to Hwasong Gulag.” – Chloe G, Poor to fair review, Gulag 16 Checkpoint
  • “The Eggs Benedict weren’t runny enough. and enough with the bread already. sheesh. bababooey, bababooey, howard stern rules.” Good review, Chongjin Gulag

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Internet has made comedy out of democracy. Earlier this month, the White House was forced to explain why it would not build a Death Star. Obama “does not support blowing up planets,” explained the White House.

You can check out more reviews at maps.google.com by searching “North Korea gulag”.