Branch Adds Personalized Recommendations To Help You Find Good Conversations

Branch launched out of closed beta only last week, but the engineering team is hard at work pushing out new feature updates. Today, the company announced that logged-in users will now see recommendations when they visit the homepage, from people you know. Your conversations will likewise be displayed to your contacts.

The new recommendations will show up in your stream, and feature someone you follow on Twitter, the title of the Branch they’re in, and a brief selection of what they’re actually saying on the subject. As it stands, it’s a fairly basic tool, and looks to just be grabbing content from anyone you’re following on Twitter, regardless of the nature of the┬ádiscussion┬ácompared to what you yourself are talking about on Branch. But it’s a step in the right direction to better content discovery, which is something that could make Branch a much more broadly engaging tool.

Branch says that its recommendations “won’t be perfect,” which means that it is likely planning to improve the recommendation engine to deliver better suggestions. It makes sense to cast as wide a net as possible now while the community is still growing, but it would be great to see a more refined approach in future iterations. That could help Branch expand from being a specialized tool to a more free-ranging content dialog discovery tool.