Apple Job Posting Seeks Creative Individual To Breathe More Life Into Siri

A new job description spotted by 9to5Mac’s Jordan Kahn this morning suggests Apple wants to do something with Siri that makes the digital personal assistant a more fleshed out, relatable character. The posting is seeking someone with creative skills to help “evolveĀ and enrich Siri.” While Apple says that “Siri’s known for ‘her’ wit, cultural knowledge and zeal to explain things in engaging, funny, and practical ways,” the ad indicates they want someone to build on that with new original dialog and refinements of her existing lines.

Siri is still an experimental endeavor on Apple’s part in many ways, and in fact the “beta” label is still attached to the service on Apple’s official product materials. A lot of attention has been paid by Apple to improving Siri with new feature additions and search capabilities, but the software’s “personality” is perhaps equally important to its chances of long-term success. In fact, as competing services both from Google and startups like Maluuba evolve, Siri’s ability to impress audiences with something resembling human character traits might actually be the one key element that separates it from the crowd.

The Siri job description isn’t looking for anything too crazy in terms of qualification, but it does want a double-threat in terms of finding someone who is both comfortable and proficient in written English and character-drivenĀ dialog, as well as familiar and comfortable with software engineers and engineering tools. Still, they might get some heavy hitters competing for this job: After all, Siri could be the next frontier in script and screenwriting. Let’s just hope Aaron Sorkin isn’t interested or Siri will never shut up and make those restaurant reservations.