Online Banking Service Simple Now Has An Android App, Designed From The Ground Up

Since launch, online banking provider Simple has sought to provide an alternative to traditional banking services. It’s done that with built-in data visualization and a beautiful and intuitive mobile app for iPhone. Now it’s expanding to Android, with the launch of a native app designed for Google’s mobile operating system. That will greatly expand the number of potential users for the startup’s alternative banking service.

The Simple Android app comes about eight months after the iPhone version and will have many of the same features that are available on the iPhone, including the ability to make mobile check deposits and to find the nearest no-fee ATM.

announcing-simple-for-android-1But it’s not just a carbon copy of the startup’s iOS app: On the blog post announcing the app, Simple Director of Mobile Engineering Dustin Barker says the company worked with mobile product development firm Two Toasters to build the Android experience from the ground up.

Over the past few months, Simple has been adding a number of features to its iOS app and web experience, making both a lot more useful. That includes the launch of mobile check deposits. It also includes the introduction of Goals, which is Simple’s way of helping users save up without really having to think about it.