Hands-On (Or Actually, Heads-On) With Muse, The Headband That Reads Your Brain Waves

You may or may not have noticed, so I’ll provide a quick fashion world dispatch: Headbands have been gracing the foreheads of many a stylish person over the past few years.

If a Toronto-based startup called InteraXon has its way, that trend will become even more pervasive for years to come as people buy its own Muse headband — but the Muse is meant to be much more than just a fashion statement. It’s a brainwave-reading gadget that is meant to help you better understand all the complicated ways that your mind works and use that knowledge to improve your life.

It’s a fun product and a compelling mission, so we had InteraXon’s founder and CEO Ariel Garten stop by TechCrunch’s on-site stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week to give us a first-hand look at the Muse. Watch the video embedded above to hear Garten explain how the Muse works, why someone would wear it, and InteraXon’s larger vision for its “thought-controlled computing” platform.