Update: GameStick Removed, Returned To Kickstarter After Copyright Complaint

The GameStick, a Kickstarter project we covered at launch that aimed to take what OUYA was trying to build in an Android-powered home gaming console and fit it into a device the size of a flash drive ran into some trouble today. The project has been removed from Kickstarter because of a copyright infringement complaint.

GameStick sent out a message to its Kickstarter backers today, letting them know that the account has been “temporarily suspended due to a copyright infringement notice. Specifically, the part that got them in trouble was the inclusion of a title in their UI demonstration as a placeholder that they didn’t have permission to use. GameStick’s UI demo was purely pre-production design prototyping, but that doesn’t mean game companies will be okay with the unsolicited association.

GameStick says that the project suspension is only temporary, and that it should be back up and running soon. There’s a chance it could be dead forever, though, since GameStick says if it can’t get things resolved in 30 days time it will cancel the project altogether.

Bad news for a project that just a day ago was looking like it could even manage to reach some ambitious reach goals of over $300,000. We’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening with the Android-based GameStick as we learn more.

Update: Kickstarter has sent an email out to GameStick’s backers:

“We’re writing to inform you that the DMCA process for GameStick: The Most Portable TV Games Console Ever Created is complete. The project is now available.”