Bad Dog Tools Demos Drill Bits That Cut Through Basically Everything There Is [Video]

The CES show floor was packed with tons of companies that you’ve probably heard plenty about this week, such as Panasonic, Sony, LG, etc. But the hidden gems and oddballs among the consumer electronic giants were the real treat for world-weary attendees who felt it was hard not to stifle a yawn at yet another 4K TV. Bad Dog Tools, a company demonstrating its super-hard drill bits, is one of those gems.

While I had trouble understanding exactly why there was a tool-making company on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show, I had to admit that what they had to show off was impressive. We got to see their drill bits undergo all kinds of stress and strain, and come out working perfectly fine on the other side. I’m not exactly a handy guy, but I’ve used a drill enough to realize that bits that can endure the kind of punishment these were facing are something special.

I liked when they got so hot they gave off smoke. Not enough things at CES gave off smoke.